Forum Presentation Information

The Research Forum at the TOTA Conference was created by the Texas Occupational Therapy Foundation as an opportunity to discuss and share information about research initiatives with relevance to occupational therapy. The forum consists of a diverse mix of researchers, practitioners, educators, and students.

Forum Process:

  • Each presentation will occur in the order as listed in the conference guide. 
  • Each presentation is allotted 20 minutes.   
  • One laptop provided by TOTF will be used for the session;  please arrive early to load your presentation on the computer
  • You may choose to include a few minutes for Q&A within your 20 minute slot. There is no separate Q&A. 
  • Handouts are an important part of attendees’ overall conference experience and serves as a resource after the participant leaves your session. You should make every effort to upload a handout for attendees by the October 22, 2019 deadline. Handouts will be available to the attendees three days prior to the start of conference (Oct 29, 2019). NOTE: Handout does not need to be a copy of the session slides. 
  • The cost of standard A/V equipment will be supplied by TOTA and includes: microphone, projector and HDMI connector.