2018 TOTA Elected Officers

 Election ballot and participation information: 

  • Trinity North received 24 total ballots
  • Gulf Coast East received 48 total ballots
  • Alamo South received 26 total ballots
  • Capital Centex received 29 total ballots
  • Great Plains West received 12 total ballots
  • Rio Grande received 5 total ballots
  • 1 out of state ballot received

A total of 145 ballots were received for the 2018 election. Thank you to everyone who ran for a position and to all those who voted!



Robin Clearman

Position: President Elect


Ping K Law 

Position: State Treasurer


Ricky Joseph

Position: Alamo South - District Chair



Marta E Dixon

Position: Alamo South - District Treasurer 



Sharon Wisnieski

Position: Capital Centex - District Vice Chair 



Natalie Spencer

PositionCapital Centex - Secretary



Matthew Alan Wymore

Position: Great Plains West - District Chair




Dustin Blackington

Position: Great Plains West - District Treasurer


Erin Shirk

PositionGulf Coast East - District Secretary




Diane Collins

PositionGulf Coast East - District Vice Chair




Dahlia Cavazos Castillo

 Position: Rio Grande - District Chair


  Picture N/A

Ursel Lovett

Position: Rio Grande - District Treasurer


Alissa Pettit

Position: Trinity North - District Secretary

 Emelie Klingman

Emilie S. Klingman

Position: Trinity North - District Vice Chair