Executive Officers and Board of Directors


President Jason Stark
President Elect  
Vice President Laurie Stelter
Secretary Vicki Thomas
Treasurer Shari Felton
Executive Director Judith Joseph
District Chairs
• Alamo South Monica Starkovich Clark
• Capital Centex Carol Zaricor
• Great Plains West Mathew Wymore
• Gulf Coast East Kira Elizabeth Beal
• Rio Grande Kaleigh Stevens
• Trinity North
Keegan McKay
Appointed Committee Chairs
Committee on Conference Evie Harness
Committee on Development Sharon Hennigan
Committee on Education Megan Taylor
Committee on International Affairs Evangelina Moncayo
Committee on Legislative & Political Affairs John Luna
Committee on Membership open

Committee on Standards and Practice
Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Michelle Atanu
Dahlia Castillo 
Lynda Jennings 
Esther Bell

Appointed Board Members
OTA Representative Layman Darnell Miller
OT Student Representative Katrina Herrera
OTA Student Representative Yvette Jimenez
Legislative Advisors

Denise Rose, JD - Lobbyist

Kate Goodrich, JD

TOTA Legal Advisor

Richard Y. Cheng, JD, OT, CHC

To contact any of the current TOTA board members, please e-mail [email protected]