TOTA State Student Representatives  

Natalie Pravinkumar
University of Texas at El Paso
TOTA State OT Student Representative

Maygen Smith
San Jacinto College South
TOTA State OTA Student Representative

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Applications for the 2024-2025 State Student Reps are being accepted until April 14, 2024.

State Student Rep Application


Qualifications for the State Student Representatives (OTA and OT)
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TOTA’s Bylaws, Policies and Procedures outlines the qualifications a student (OTA and OT) must have to apply for the role of State Student Rep (One representative is an OTA student and one representative is an OT student).

  • Must be current TOTA members and retain their membership while serving in these volunteer positions.
  • Attend an OTA and OT school in Texas and are in good standing with their schools.
  • The positions rotate among the OTA and OT schools. Current volunteers are students from San Jacinto College South and The University of Texas at El Paso.
    • Students from the other OTA and OT schools are welcome to apply for these positions.
  • Must be a student during the entire year they serve as the State Student Representative (June 1, 2024 -May 31, 2025).
  • Will need to fully complete the State Student Representative application and submit it by April 14, 2024 PM.
    • Must obtain and submit with your completed application a written recommendation letter from one of your faculty members.

From the student applications, TOTA’s President interviews, selects, and appoints (1) OTA student and (1) OT student to these positions.



TOTA District Student Reps

a. Student representatives are appointed by District Chair.
i. Be a student enrolled and in good standing in an accredited OT or OTA program, or where the program’s accreditation is pending
ii. Be a student member of TOTA in good standing
i. Serve as non-voting members of the district board appointed by the District Chair
ii. Serve as liaisons between student members of the District and state student

District Student Representative Application

Contact us with any questions you have about the roles and the application process at [email protected].