TOTA Mentorship Program

Mentor: An experienced OT practitioner willing to meet monthly with a student, new OTP, or current OTP in a new practice area. The role entails:
Minimum 3 years of experience in your specific practice area
Providing encouragement and feedback.
Facilitating growth by sharing resources and networks.
Establishing goals for competency and success.
Assisting with problem solving and clinical reasoning. 

Mentee: An OT practitioner, new graduate, or student willing to meet monthly with a mentor to advance professional development in their practice area. The role entails:
Communicating their goals and expectations of the mentorship.
Developing plans of professional growth with mentor.
Being open to feedback from mentor.
Willingness to participate in activities/events promoting professional growth.

2024 Timeline: 
The next steps include various phases to ensure the success of the program. A timeline of the action plan is presented below.

January 90 Day Survey & analyze results
February Committee meeting to discuss any changes needed
April 6-month survey & analyze results
June Report results to TOTA state board of directors
July Modify orientation & start of mentorship relationship based on participant feedback
October 1-year survey & analyze results

Modify program based on feedback on entire program.

Complete the Mentor Program Profile form to participate
TOTA Members can view the current profiles of mentors and mentees - click here

TBOTE Mentorship Form
NBCOT Mentorship Form
Orientation PowerPoint

For more information or if you’d like to join the Mentorship Committee, please contact TOTA at
[email protected].

Committee Members
Kira Beal, OTR, Ed.D, OTD, CLT - Co-Chair
Monica Clark, OTR, OTD - Co-Chair
Terri Grundy, OTR, MOT
Aidee Rosoado, OTR, MOT, PCES
Deanna Scapperotti, OTR, MOT 

 *Please note, you must be a member of TOTA to participate.