2024 Keynote Speaker, Ashley Shew 




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Announcing The 2024 Keynote Speaker

We are thrilled to announce the keynote speaker for the 2024 TOTA Annual Conference:
Ashley Shew, PhD.
Saturday, November 16, 2024,  11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Ashley Shew is an Associate Professor in Science, Technology, and Society at Virginia Tech. Her current research is about disabled expertise and disability-led narratives about technologies (in contrast to the tropey stories we usually get). Her popular book Against Technoableism: Rethinking Who Needs Improvement (2023) has been shortlisted with the Nonobvious Book Awards. She's currently leading a Mellon Foundation Grant for Just Disability Technology, which explores ethical modes of disability community engagement on research projects and builds regional disability community through accessible gaming and disability-forward art residencies. Shew believes in cross-disciplinary, cross-disability, and public-facing scholarship: she has written for IEEE Technology & Society, Nursing Clio, Nature, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Inside Higher Ed. She is a grateful participant with her local disability advocacy and activist community in the Disability Alliance and Caucus at Virginia Tech and the New River Valley Disability Resource Center (a CIL).